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Support our work

The money we collect helps to pay towards the upkeep of paths, fences, the shop, the community hall, and last but not least our toilet! We rely on your support to continue our improvements. The main way you can help us keep the allotment site looking, and working at its best it to pay our subscription.

The subscription


The annual subscription (the 'sub') costs £5, payable in March each year. We're sure you'll agree that that is a very small amount to pay for a years membership on our allotment site. If you are a plot holder the sub is not included in your invoice from the council; you have to pay it separately. 

Here are the methods of payment:

  • We would prefer everyone to pay through online banking. Bank account name: Golf Course Allotments Association, account number: 58535241, sort code: 60-14-37, bank address: 190 The Broadway
    Muswell Hill, London, N10 3SD. Include your full name and plot number in the 'Reference' section.

  • Or you can always pay the sub in the shop! Click here for opening times.

We are very grateful for your subscription!

Note: You cannot pay for more than 1 year in advance. If you want to add extra money on top of the £5 then it will be treated as a donation (we are very grateful for all donations). You can even pay the subscription for someone else, if you are not the plot holder (however it the plot holder who becomes the member, not you, in this specific case). This would be useful if you wish to use the Allotment Café or Shop.

The legal bit: Your payment of a subscription constitutes you joining as a full member of the Golf Course Allotment's Association. This membership grants you the right to participate, and vote in the Annual General Meeting each year where we vote on the Chair, Site Secretary, etc. Your membership also grants you the right to use our shop and café. You are also entitled as a full member to bring your guests to the café. 

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