Rules and Regulations of the Golf Course Allotment Association

This set of rules concern only the Golf Course Allotment Association. If you want the rules concerning your plot (including cultivation and banned materials) then click here.

*As adopted in 1990 and including all alterations and additions up to AGM July 2021.

1: THE TITLE of the Association shall be The Golf Course Allotment and Garden Association Wood Green
RULE 2: THE OBJECTS of the Association shall be to promote allotment and Garden cultivation; to promote and encourage leisure and social activities in relation thereto; and to operate a trading facility to sell to members, materials., at the lowest economic price.
RULE 3: THE AFFAIRS of the Association shall be conducted by the following officers: Site Secretary, Chairperson, Treasurer, Trading Shed Manager, Minutes Secretary, and a committee of twelve, all to be elected annually.
3.1 The posts of Assistant Secretary, Show Secretary, Vice Chairperson, Probationer Support Advisor, and Assistant Trading Manager shall also be available for election annually, but if those positions are not filled, the right of the Association to act will not be affected in any way.
3.2 The Officers of the Association must be financial members of the Association, and plot holders or associate plot holders.
3.3 One seat on the committee will be available and reserved for a plotholder representative, new to the site during the previous year. If this is not filled, it may be taken by another member .
3.5 The duties and obligations of all Officers shall be decided from time to time by the committee
3.6 The Committee may set up and operate subcommittees when required, as directed by the Chairperson, who will give terms of reference and reporting back instructions

RULE 4: MEMBERSHIP of the Association shall be by subscription only, and open to all plot holders and associate plot holders, at a subscription to be determined from time to time by the Association at the Annual General Meeting.
4.1 Membership shall also be open to non-plot holders known as Garden Members, on the same basis
4.2 Subscriptions shall be payable in advance, and on or before 1st April each year. Membership will cease if subscriptions are not paid by July 1st each year
4.3 The Association will have the right to confer Honorary Vice Presidency (ex-officio) and/or free life membership on any member, by carriage of a motion at the Annual General Meeting
RULE 5: MEETINGS will be convened by the Secretary, and Minutes will be kept of all proceedings. Notice of meetings, including the Annual General Meeting, shall be given at least 14 days prior to the date of the meeting, and notice will include Notices of Motion, Minutes of the previous Meeting, nominations to Office, Agenda, etc., as appropriate.
5.1 Officers of the Association shall give reports of their activities,etc., at all meetings, as appropriate.
5.2 An Annual General Meeting must be held each year as soon as practicable after the end of the financial year, but in any case not later than 31st July each year.
5.3 Committee meetings should be held as and when required but should be monthly between April and October and at other times to be decided by themselves
5.4 A QUORUM shall consist of 20 members at Annual General Meeting, or a Special General Meeting, or 7 members at a committee meeting. Any meeting less than quorate shall be void and no decisions arising therefrom will be binding on the Association.
5.5 Special General Meetings may be called at any time by the Committee, or shall be called at the request of 20 or more members, in writing, stating the reason. Fourteen days notice must be given of any Special General Meeting
RULE 6: FINANCIAL RECORDS will be kept by all Association Officers having contact with the finances of the Association, or handling any monies belonging to the Association. The Treasurer shall be responsible for collating those records, maintaining a satisfactory system of receipts and vouchers, and keeping a set of books so as to enable the financial position of the Association to be determined at any time.
6.1 The books must be audited each year, and Annual Accounts must be presented to the Annual General Meeting each year.
6.2 Two signatories from among the Treasurer, the Site Secretary, the Chairperson or the Trading Shed Manager shall be required for all cheques.
6.3 The Association’s Bankers shall be nominated from time to time by the Annual General Meeting
6.4 One Auditor, who must not be an Officer, Committee member, or plot holder should be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
RULE 7: POLITICS ETC. The Association shall be absolutely non-party political and non-sectarian.
RULE 8: ANNUAL SHOW. The Association will hold an Annual Show, circumstances permitting, on the first Sunday in September; the date to be confirmed at the AGM
RULE 9: AFFILIATIONS. The Association shall have the power to affiliate to other organisations related to gardening and horticulture as decided from time to time by the Committee; but it must be affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society.
RULE 10: (Approved at May 2013 AGM) As required by the Council Tenancy Agreement, parents must accompany their children on to the site and supervise them at all times. An exception is made for the Young Gardeners Club (YGC). Parents may provide written prior permission for their child to be accompanied on to the site and supervised by another plotholder approved by the YGC whilst engaged on YGC activities. The YGC must maintain a register of all plotholders authorised to supervise children and a record of parental permissions.
RULE 11: RULES. All Officers and members of the Committee shall be issued with a copy of the current rules of the Association, and copies will be available on request, to members.
RULE 12: DISSOLUTION. In the event of the winding up of the Association, any assets remaining after the payment of all creditors of the Association shall not be distributed to the members of the Association, but will be given to the Royal Horticultural Society to be used in any manner which is exclusively charitable by law.
RULE 13: ALTERATION OF RULES No alteration of, or addition to these Rules shall be made except by majority present at the Annual General Meeting.