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Data Policy


The Golf Course Allotments Association Data Protection Policy is outlined below.

1. The Committee and Officers of the Golf Course Allotments Association will ensure that all data protection legislation is adhered to and will protect securely any data that it collects.

2. The data that Golf Course Allotments collects, stores and processes is limited to the contact details of members, prospective members (on waiting lists) and former members who have recently relinquished their allotments.

3. Contact details include names, postal and email addresses, telephone numbers including landlines and mobile phones.

4. This data is stored on the computer of the Site Secretary and will be used for the purpose of contacting members, for example to send newsletters and collect annual subscriptions.

5. Individual members may be contacted for other legitimate purposes, for example if there has been damage to an allotment or shed, the plot is being neglected or other reasonable purposes.


6. All email communications will be blind copied to protect individual confidentiality.


7. Members can request that their personal data held for communication purposes is deleted.

8. Golf Course Allotments members' data will not be shared with other individuals or organisations except Haringey Council's Allotment Service for the lawful purpose of managing the Golf Course Allotments.

9. Data on former members, who have relinquished allotments or been evicted will be stored for a reasonable time in case they need to be contacted about their former plot.


10. Individual members are welcome to ask for details of any of their own personal data that the Society holds on them. 

11. Members are advised to inform the Site Secretary if their personal details change e.g. name, address, phone number; email so that records remain updated and members can be informed of Society news and business.

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