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Toilet rota in toilet- please ask to sign up!
Please clean the toilet after you use it.

We have a compost toilet on site. It is not often that you would run into one of these so we have made this page to cover how it works. Also, our volunteers clean the toilet regularly. All plot holders who use the toilet are expected to take a turn cleaning it. 

Just as nature recycles garden refuse into compost, the Enviroloo provides the right environment for human waste, toilet paper and organic material to break down through a natural process into an inoffensive compost-like material. The Enviroloo operates by first separating the liquid and solid wastes.  Then, using radiant heat and prevailing wind, oxygen is passed through the system stimulating aerobic decomposition and deodorising the waste. This will then be emptied by a company as needed.  Last emptied July 2023.

1. Waste falls directly from the toilet bowl onto the drying plate, (marked in red), the upper section of which is perforated with hundreds of small holes. Acting like a sieve, solid matter sits on the plate whilst liquids drain to the bottom of the tank.

2. The back of the Enviroloo heats up in the sun, (even when there is no direct sunlight), which causes the internal temperature to rise.  The hot air rises, accelerating as it passes up the chimney.  The enviroloo is made of black polyethylene - black absorbing heat energy more efficiently than any other colour.

3. The slightest breeze turns the extractor at the top of the chimney, which in turn draws yet more air out of the system. 
(The extractor turning in only 4km of wind will pull 150 m3 of air per hour through the system).I

4. Fresh air enters from outside the structure via the ventilation tube, passing through the drying plate and over the liquid.
More fresh air enters via the toilet bowl, passing directly over the solid matter.
Liquids are evaporated and solids, which are also partially composted, become dehydrated.

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