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Applying for a Plot

We are looking for enthusiastic people to work an allotment

on a diverse site of approximately 240 plots. We encourage

plotholders to grow organically, as far as possible, with

minimum use of chemicals and weed killers. We have a

number of social events of which the Annual Show in 

September is the largest. If you feel that you could become

an active member then read on!


The details:

  • We are now only letting "half-size" plots measuring
    about 150 square yards (5 poles in "old money").

  • We have water on site and occasional free wood

  • Barbeques are allowed at any time providing only smokeless barbecue charcoal is burnt.

  • Bonfires are only allowed during the months October - March and only on the first Saturday in the month.

  • The average waiting time will be four years.

We estimate you need to spend at least 4 hours a week on your plot and depending on the crops you grow, this could mean a visit every week throughout the year. We ask potential members to consider this time element seriously and only take on a plot if you can spare the time to work it effectively. Bear in mind, the soil is clay and can be heavy to work.

After all of that, if we have not scared you off, then check the following:

•  All applicants must live within 2.5 miles (by road) of the allotments.

•  All applicants have to reconfirm their interest in getting an allotment every 3 months, failure to do so will mean removal from the waiting list. To reconfirm your interest simply send an email to the official waiting list email address:

•  It will be the applicants responsibility to forward their contact details whenever they may change.

•  If and when an allotment becomes available and no contact can be made with the applicant their details will be removed from the waiting list after a two week period.


•  Out of borough applicants rents will be higher than in-borough applicants. 

•  To apply use the form below.

•  Postal applications will be accepted (although the form below is preferred). Forward to: Golf Course Allotments, Winton Avenue, London N11 2AR.

•  Please note it is sometimes necessary to close our waiting list due to the huge numbers of applicants we get. If you apply when the list is temporarily closed then you will receive an email advising you of the fact. 

Once you have applied, think about signing up to our newsletters. They are our main way of communicating news and events. The newsletter/mailing list form is at the bottom. 

Apply for an allotment

To apply, please fill out the boxes below. All fields are required.

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