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What is the Golf Course Allotment Association & Why Do We Ask You For an extra £5 Subscription? 


When you become a plotholder, you sign a contract with Haringey Council and pay them rent each year for the right of access to the allotments and to grow things on your plot.

On many other smaller allotments, that is the end of it. 


But because we are a very large allotments, various other facilities and activities have been added on our site over the years for the benefit of plotholders , and The Golf Course Allotments  Association, completely separate from your plotholder tenancy ,was set up to run these things: 

Benefits include: 

  • The Trading Shop where members can purchase things like compost , manure, netting, fertilisers etc at practically cost price due the very generous relationship we have with Sunshine Garden Centre . 

  • Compostable Toilet which means you can spend the day on your plot without worry!

  • Our Monthly Cafes selling delicious homemade and allotment grown food

  • Annual Show in September with café, flowers and produce stalls & competitions

  • Community Hut – for our cafe and available to hire to members for gatherings

  • Annual Allotment Calendar - a lovely present for your family and friends


Why Should I Pay an extra £5 when already pay the Council for my plot? 


The Allotment Society is a sort of club that everyone can join when they become a plotholder and technically, all of the benefits listed above are only available to members – that is, people who have paid their annual £5 membership subscription. 


All these benefits are run by plotholder volunteers – nobody gets paid for the work they do at the shop, the café, organising the show, designing the calendars or cleaning the toilet.

The Committee elected each year at the AGM is responsible for ensuring that things on the site run smoothly and that all the extras we enjoy can continue, thanks to your help. 

Among other things, this means ensuring that we can afford the stocking of the shop, repairs to the fabric of our community buildings and seating area, the costs of the calor gas, the batteries for the solar panels, and the kitchen equipment  to enable the show and cafes to happen.  Not to mention the pumping out of the toilet, and the regular tree and boundary maintenance that is needed for which we have to pay outside contractors. The grant we receive from Haringey covers only a tiny part of all this. 


If you think you already pay enough to be a plotholder – and you will never use the toilet, the shop, the café, come to the show or buy a calendar, then fine, we can’t insist. 


But if you make use of any of these benefits – we do think £5 every January to January is a small price to pay. 

You can pay at the shop, at the monthly café or online to GolfCourseAllotments 

Account Number 58535241 Sort code 60-14-37


More information about our site is on our website

For those that still burn, the last bonfire days will be 3rd February 2024 and 2nd March 2024
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