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Get Prepared NOW for our Annual Allotment Show on September 1st 2024!

Our Annual Allotment Show will be on September 1st this year. It seems a bit early to think about it, and we understand that for many members, winning prizes is not a factor in how you choose to organise your allotment. But for those of you who would want to be considered for the Best Plot awards, now is the time to consider the range of flowers, fruit and vegetables you might want to grow, and whether you have variety, biodiversity, encourage wildlife etc. Below are the prizes and judging criteria for best plots. Good luck!


Bonner Memorial Trophy: awarded to member with best kept full plot

GCAA Best Kept Half Plot: Trophy awarded to member with best kept half plot

GCAA New Members Best Kept Half Plot: Trophy awarded to new gardener with best kept or most improved half plot

Points will be awarded based on the following criteria:

Cultivation & neatness: 30

Flowers: variety: 10

Vegetables: variety: 25

Fruit: variety: 10

Overall quality: 10

Compost bin: 5

Biodiversity (e.g. rainwater butts, nesting boxes): 10

Total possible points: 100

Don't forget to Submit a nomination for Gardener of the Year

Please remember- no burning days until October

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