Young Gardeners Club


Formed in 2012, the Young Gardeners Club (YG) is a club for the children and grand-children (aged between 6 - 14 years)of existing Golf Course Allotments plot-holders. There is a programme of regular learning activities throughout the year, involving seed-sowing, planting and cultivation.


Sessions take place at weekends in the Community Hall and on the YG plot, number 85B courtesy of Haringey and the GCAA. The YGs meet formally about once a month with occasional "drop-in" sessions in between. There are great learning opportunities as well as the chance to grow veg and salad for planting out on family plots.


We'd love to hear from you if your children might be interested. Contact: Clare Winstanley, Plot 88b., phone: 020 8881 4130



Protecting Yourself on the GCAA Site:

Click here for PDF version of guidelines for YGC members, their parents and other children on the site: