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This was the grand finale 

Thank you Clare and Nick!

YG finalesmall.jpeg

This was the grand finale - the final tea party - before we wrapped up the Young Gardeners Club in November 2021. Formed ten years ago, it was the brainchild of Nick and Clare Winstanley. During that time, around 70 children and their parents learned about allotment gardening - sowing seeds, planting out vegetables, nurturing the soil, tending the plants and had a lot of fun along the way.

Some of the young gardeners who took part: Connie, Emma, Lauren, Annie, Amey, Freddie, Libby, Giulia, Brendan, Roisin, Dexter, Ella, Esme, Clara, Toby, Billy, Eleanor, Berfin, Mehmet, Eve, Hamish, Grace, Nancy, Milo, Freddie, Martha, Max, Zac, Florence, Theo, Samantha, Lana, Lorcan, Milo, Marina, William, Thomas, Max, Florence, Benjamin, Ollie, Harry, Florrie, Ryan, Kaia, Fred, Eric, Charlotte, Anna, Tom, Emelia, Ollie, Daniel, Isabella, Caitlin, Sinead, Freya, Ollie, Oscar, Freya, Louis, Leonie, Isolde, Leyla. (Apologies to anyone left off this list.)

We had many helpers, apart from parents and grandparents, over the years: Marc, Stuart, David, Christiane, Frances, Be, Jenny, George, Shane, Andy, Ming, Mary, Sue. Big thanks to them all.

We had corporate support from Thompsons of Crews Hill and the Sunshine Garden Centre. A number of individuals both on and off the allotments made kind donations to the YGC, especially in the early years. Their help was greatly appreciated.

The picture above shows all the current YGs and their families, along with alumni from earlier times.

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